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  • ADVLounger


    Let me just start by saying that I’ve got nothing against the TAT, Arctic Circle runs, the Baja 1000, butane stoves, TKCs, turkey jerky, muddy chains, or pup tents. I dream of that stuff. But I live in reality, and I’m a middle-aged New England dad with middle- (and high-) school kids, the typical midsection…

  • Mass Hooky

    Mass Hooky

    On the one hand, not a bad call to arms: somewhere between a work-stoppage and a group mental health day. But for me, Mass Hooky simply meant a day away from the office, children, the wife, email, cars, trains, deadlines, and the home state of Connecticut. And a trip up into what Robert Pollard of…

  • Litchfield Joy Ride

    Litchfield Joy Ride

    This post first appeared on ADVrider. It was, as the list below suggests, my first ride report; my first attempt at using a message board to post content; and pretty domesticated as far as moto-adventures go. But it got me hooked on three things—exploring New England on two wheels; taking lots of pictures; and coming…