Goodnight, Vroom

Each November, like many other riders throughout the northeast, midwest, or anywhere else it gets too cold or snowy to ride, I lay my bikes up for the winter. The ritual involves a good pre-sweep of the garage; exquisite outdoor-junk geometry to pack the maximum amount of crap into minimal space; fuel stabilization with Sea Foam or Stabil; the distributing of critter bait and traps; hooking up the battery tenders; and saying goodnight to my rides until early spring. It’s a bittersweet autumn ritual. And last night, while I was tucking in my bikes for the long winter’s sleep, I couldn’t stop thinking about Margaret Wise Brown’s classic, Goodnight Moon. So I busted out my iPhone, took some pics, and scribbled a two-wheeled homage to her story—a bedtime wish for my GT200 and Super Ténéré. Sweet dreams, fellas. Hope you enjoy it.

In the great garage room

There was an oil pan 

And some faint gas fumes

And a plate from a bike that used to go vroom

And there were three little cans sitting on spans 

 And two hose reels 

 And an old set of wheels

 And a little black house

 And soon, a dead mouse

 And a battery tender

 And Yamaha fender

 And a tired old dude ready for a bartender

 Goodnight room

 Goodnight vroom

 Goodnight cans causing the fumes

 Goodnight light

 And the dusty brooms

Goodnight flares

Goodnight chairs

Goodnight mice

And goodnight ice

Goodnight bottles

And goodnight throttles

Goodnight little house

And goodnight mouse

Goodnight foam

And goodnight brush

Goodnight helmets

Goodnight flush

And goodnight to the sheepskin that keeps my seat plush

Goodnight bikes

Goodnight air

Goodnight riders everywhere

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